Abortion Recovery

Perhaps you are thinking, "Okay, so I had an abortion. But that’s in my past. Do I really need go through an abortion recovery bible study?"

Some women seemingly never need to work through any kind of healing process. But for many of us, the memory of abortion lies like a hidden infection within, weakening and impairing us in ways we may have never realized were related. Is that true for you? See if you recognize yourself in some of the following questions.

  • Do you avoid the subject of abortion, or do you feel guilt, anger, or sorrow when remembering or discussing your own abortion?
  • Do you tend to think of your life in terms of "before” and "after” the abortion?
  • Do you have lingering feelings of resentment or anger toward people involved in your abortion, such as the baby’s father, friends, or your parents?
  • Have you found yourself either avoiding relationships or becoming overly dependent in them since the abortion?
  • Are you overly protective of any children you have now?
  • Have you begun or increased use of drugs or alcohol since the abortion, or do you have an eating disorder?
  • Have you felt a vague sort of emptiness, a deep sense of loss, or had prolonged periods of depression?
  • Do you sometimes have nightmares or flashbacks relating to the abortion?
  • Are you concerned about your ability to get pregnant in the future?

If so, it is likely you are experiencing the Symptoms of Post-Abortion Syndrome. In reading through this listing of the symptoms, understand that if you can identify with 2-3 of the aspects, you may be struggling with post-abortion syndrome. You can find God’s relief and healing, no matter how many times you made this choice. Positive Life-Affirming pregnancy resource centers can offer Help in Your Area. Reading the book Her Choice to Heal: Finding Spiritual and Emotional Peace After Abortion may help you understand how many of the needs and apprehensions of your past life could be associated with this choice. In understanding the impact of this choice upon your life, you can begin the abortion recovery process.